Friday March 9th, 7 pm - 8:30 pm: Broken Hearts + Love Letters: Poetry about Grief
Amos White and InkBlot Gallery present local poets Alison Moncreiff, Riss Rosado, and Norma Smith reading poetry of longing, of love loss and the enduring passion that yearns to love again. 

Have you ever had a broken heart? Or carried the day's weight of a blackened cloud? What would you say to yourself when you thought the world had left you behind? Come bring your words. Write your letter or bring your poetry of love for healing a broken heart to read at this open mic event.

Friday February 9th, 6 pm - 9 pm: Grief: Images by Marcy Voyevod
Join us for 2nd Friday as artist Marcy Voyevod explores "Grief" through ink and gouache on paper and canvas. Her exquisite abstract designs pinpoint feelings of grief specifically as aspect of love. A special mixed media altar will be assembled in the gallery. Visitors are invited to anonymously write their feelings of grief to be burned at the end of the exhibition in March. Light refreshments and a custom blend of tea from Marcy's daughter will be served.  

Marcy Voyevod is a painter, sketcher, printer and maker of books, collage, and altars. After her first trips to Taos, Mallorca, and Barcelona she found the beauty of painting with black cat India ink and gouache on paper and canvas.  In Taos and Mallorca she studied with Sas Colby, who opened up her vision of how she worked and what she saw.  Ink, collage, and books became methods to work through experiences.  Solitary travel became her joy and changed her life.

For many years, she created altars for the Dia de los Muertos shows at SOMarts Cultural Center in San Francisco.  They were an extension of her beliefs and her private altars that she had been making most of her life.  Altars are a way for her to focus on an event, experience, intention, or celebration.

Marcy has shown her art in many venues over the years, most recently at Oakopolis, in uptown Oakland; Julie’s Tea Garden in Alameda; SOMarts Cultural Center in San Francisco, and The Berkeley Art Center in Berkeley.

MICA in Baltimore was the place she met her tribe and received a BFA in Interior Design. After over 20 years of work in the design/building industry, her daily life now involves a stress-free job that pays for her art and travel obsessions and her little 105-year-old Craftsman bungalow in Alameda.


Past Events and Shows:

Friday January 12th, 7 pm - 10 pm: Interstitial Topography by Cybele Gerachis and Julia Marchand
Visit us for the opening reception of our first show of the new year! Cybele and Julia share a dreamlike, colorful, and surreal aesthetic. The pieces are at once arresting, melancholy, and optimistic. We invite you to experience these incredible stories up-close.  

Cybele Gerachis is a mixed media artist whose work straddles the border between dreams and reality, building narrative and surface from fragments of old photographs, maps, vintage paper dolls, and other ephemera. Her artwork has been exhibited locally in the Bay Area as well as in Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

Julia Marchand explores themes of nature and identity in her artwork.  She uses references from wildlife dioramas, public gardens and personal experience. Her paintings and works on paper have been exhibited in galleries in London, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Mexico City.

Friday November 10th, 7 pm - 10 pm: Unusual Mojo by Rebecca Stees
Stop by Inkblot Gallery for the 2nd Friday opening of collages created by Rebecca Stees. The work is composed of collages created in Freemix and printed on canvas. The images are iconic, intuitive, playful and revealing. Refreshments will be served and fun will be had!

Friday October 13th, 6 pm - 9 pm: Suspended by Jenya Chernoff
Visit us for the 2nd Friday opening of Jenya Chernoff’s fantastical photography show. Her dreamy, ethereal pictures of Jell-O are imaginative and other worldly. You've never seen Jell-O like this!

Jenya Chernoff studied art and film at UC Berkeley and SF State, and has since made zero films. She has, however, played and toured as a rock drummer; pursued a career in graphic design; and co-owned a bakery and a food truck. It was food photography that brought her back to the path of image-making. She currently lives and works as a professional photographer in Oakland, CA.

Tuesday October 24th, 7 pm - 10 pm: Sketch Night!
Stop by Inkblot Gallery for an evening of drinks, snacks, and drawing. Bring your sketchbook and ideas... and come make art with us. We'll be available for feedback, critiques, and camaraderie!

Friday September 8th, 6 pm - 9 pm: Manchild by Jason Furie
Dinosaurs, ducks, pizza, ice cream, barf, paranormal beings, and sword-wielding warriors are recurring elements in Jason's pop-culture inspired art... come on out for this fun and whimsical show!

Jason is an artist, writer, and part-time goofball who finds comfort in the streets of San Francisco where he can traverse unbothered as the man-child he truly is. He founded the website Never Ending Radical Dude (.com) where he and a ragtag team nerd-out about movies, TV, video games, comic books, toys, and more! He’s often found watching THE NEVERENDING STORY and LABYRINTH forever. He enjoys a good LEGEND OF ZELDA video game. And he loves arguing with fellow nerds about why Cyclops is the coolest X-Men character ever, why Tom Cruise is a bad ass, and why LOST is a damn fine show! Damn fine. 

Let Them Eat Sheet Cake!
Saturday September 2nd, 1-5 pm
Now you can have your sheet cake... and take action! Channel your inner white girl and help us sue the Trump Administration. We'll be serving cake and making art. Stop by and make a donation towards a slice of cake or artwork.

Friday July 14th, 6 pm - 9 pm: Living with the Five Elements: A Year in Photographs by Denise Cicuto
Join us for the 2nd Friday Artwalk opening reception of Denise Cicuto's photography show! Denise is an Alameda based photographer and acupuncturist. Her work reflects her background in Chinese Medicine and Taoist tradition. We'll have drinks, snacks, and good times! Denise's work will be available for purchase. "In January 2016 I began my studies of Alchemical Healing in a mentorship lead by Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox in New York and Maine. It was a mentorship and part of my continuing education as an acupuncturist. As part of that mentorship, I did a photography project which lead to this body of work. I showed up to the first class in upstate New York, camera in hand, on the weekend of a blizzard that shut down Manhattan. Welcome to Winter. I took these photographs over the course of four weekends in New York and one in Maine (Earth/Late Summer)."

Friday June 9th: i see you by Alison Moncrieff
Join us for the opening reception of "i see you" featuring the paintings Alison Moncrieff. Her acrylic on canvas paintings are abstract, intuitive and visceral. They contain empty dresses, dreams, birds, symbols, signs, numbers and words, all there in spirit whether layered under or floating on top. Sometimes there are over 30 layers underneath a final painting, sometimes just 4 or 5. Alison is an artist residing in Oakland, where she tends to chickens and children in between painting in her home of more than 30 years. 

Friday May 12th: panels + places + some faces by Lark Pien
Join us for the opening reception of panels + places + some faces, featuring postage stamp-sized watercolors and 11x17" prints by children's book author, illustrator, and cartoonist Lark Pien. This series of observational drawings springboard from tv, movies, cartoons and comics. The mini watercolors will fit in wallet. You can take one out of your purse or back pocket and look at it any time. Anytime! The not-so-smalls will fit on a wall, so you can stand back and gaze and not be stressed or angry about the current state of affairs. A print. A duplicate, meaning someone might have what you have, meaning you might have something in common with someone! Some shared passion? Lark enjoys playing with narrative visual media: changing expressions and characters, creating different backgrounds, playing with color, revising composition. For her, this kind of play induces a fresh perspective and moves from what is familiar to what is new.

Friday April 14th: Bob Ross and Chill
Hang out, draw, and chill with us as we watch Bob Ross videos! 6-9 pm.

Friday March 10: The Loop by Emily Brock Lewis
We are pleased to present the work of local Alameda artist Emily Brock Lewis as our first official show! Her series of pen, ink and watercolor pieces is based on photographs she took at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland and along Shoreline Drive in Alameda. "I have created a series of works titled, The Loop based on photos that I have taken at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland and along Shoreline Drive in Alameda. Although I feel uneasy making precious landscapes when the world is in such turmoil, this project is a way for me to clear my head and gain some perspective during a tumultuous time. The process of taking the photos physically slows me down and draws me into the moment while the differing styles within the pieces speak to my seemingly disconnected thoughts on memory and how it is distorted in the remembering."

Friday February 10th: 2nd Friday Valentines
Join us on Friday, Feb 10th for the soft opening of Inkblot! Stop by for cookies, chocolates, and booze. We'll be making custom Valentine's Day cards and listening to cheesy love songs. Ask us to draw something for you! We'll make it happen!
6 pm to 9 pm at 933b Central Avenue