Inkblot is an art studio, gallery, and retail store owned and operated by resident artists Jean ChenChristina Spiegel, and Jo Anne Yada.

Visit Us: 
Saturdays: 1 pm to 5 pm
2nd Fridays: 6 pm to 9 pm

Currently Showing:
Octavio Valdez: Breakfast
Come visit us and view Breakfast, a new series of acrylic paintings on board. Octavio Valdez came to the U.S. as a native of Mexico City in 2000. He studied art in Guanajuato where he worked as an artist. Since coming to the United States, he has been a part of several artists’ communities while continuing his explorations into various media forms, particularly digital media and sequential art.

Coming Up:
Leah Frink: AW Series
Friday December 14th, 6-9 pm
Our 2nd Friday opening features photographer Leah Frink and her AW series, a collection of portraits of everyday working people. It started off as a small personal project of Frink's to fine tune her lighting skills. The collection showcases people from different cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds, showing a diversity and uniqueness that everyone genuinely possesses. The titles of each portrait reflect each individual’s job, as they want to be represented, reflecting how they see themselves in the workplace rather than how others see them. The portraits are raw and unedited, holding true to the flaws that individuals possess while celebrating those same flaws with great care and sensitivity.

Leah b. Frink is a Bay Area photographer who specializes in documentary, portrait, and band photography. She recently earned a Masters in Education and hopes to co-start a non-profit organization that teaches photography and video production to underprivileged youth and those with autism. Frink's first-published rockabilly photography book and the AW series book will both be available for purchase.


We've started a women's zine and comic library! Stop by and check out work by lady authors. Lots of fun stuff!



Inkblot is a member of Alameda's 2nd Friday Art Walk.